Women emancipation through Tasha Fashions street show.

Blessed is the eye that foresee the future, and potential in one’s heart. For action shall be taken in order to nature and upgrade the talent. Hence the genesis of success and prosperity. According to Natasha Mwawoneka AKA Tasha, fashion designing and modelling is more than a talent, but indeed a dream come true. The 19 year old discovered her talent, when she was in high school doing her Ordinary level. With regards to her academic qualifications, Natasha always obtained average results but she yearned to pursue her career, and dream in fashion designing and modelling respectively. Inspired by Tyra Banks, Zara fashions and Edgar’s, Natasha joined Speciss college were she is studying for a diploma in Fashion designing and craft.

However it has never been an easy road for Natasha, as she faced discouragement from her family. Nevertheless she remained steadfast, and established her clothing line, Tasha Fashions. She also joined Vivacity where she is perusing her modelling career. On Saturday 09 November 2017, Tasha Fashions is hosting a street fashion show in Highfield. Whereby various models from Vivacity, Speciss College and the community (Highfield) will parade the streets, wearing the 34 garments designed by Tasha Fashions.

The parade will start from Mangwende drive to Mushandirapamwe Hotel, Machipisa the final destination from 4pm until 8pm free of charge. Stakeholders like Vivacity and Girl child network  Shamwari Yemwanasikana, will be present on the big day. The aims and objectives of this event is to emancipate fellow girls and women, and encourage them to engage into modelling, fashion designing and other income generating projects. Instead of prostituting to earn a living in the end risking their health and lives. Others depending on their husbands to earn a living. Above all clearing the wrong impressions of people towards modelling, which is regarded as a profession for prostitutes. Let us all come in great numbers, and support this remarkable event and the girl child as well.

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