The Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation Warmly Received the Zuri Africa Zimbabwe Program.

“The Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation welcome the initiative by Vivacity Arts Association to host the Zuri Africa Zimbabwe program to promote our Zimbabwean Cultural Heritage,” said Dr B Samwanda Director of Arts and Culture promotion and development. He said this in response to the endorsement letter requested by Vivacity Arts Association.

Zuri Africa Zimbabwe is part of a continental movement called Zuri Africa Queen. The project is an inspirational concept that wishes to magnify and instill a sense of a deep African cultural pride that will be showcased to a global audience and communicate the positive aspects of African cultural norms and our doctrine of Ubuntu. The foundation centers on the basis to incorporate all African nations and cultures, having young unmarried beautiful women from the ages of 18 to 26 from different social backgrounds and to be involved in the process of initiating positive leaders; with deep cultural rooted backgrounds.

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