The Film Seed

People use the different mediums (film-media & arts) in their own way and often find new expressions to tell their stories. The digital revolution has made semi-professional video equipment available and affordable. People in the computer and information generation have taken use of the new technology in a fresh and playful way. The result is many talents developing outside the established institutions. The main aim of this project is to produce world class filmmakers who can compete on the international scene, inspire and empower filmmakers. Quality and excellence is the target for this project makers and viewers, striving to deliver these results, quenching the thirst of educational entertainment that the general public has been missing. Prostitution, Substance abuse, Early Child Marriages and Violence Societies are the most serious problems that our communities face today. All communities will have to deal with the consequences. Through this project we want to involve and engage youths. The goal is to stimulate bigger consciousness among youth and adults.

The project is meant to stimulate and motivate youth to treat the subject in their own creative way through film. To dare confront the problems we must go through the heart. The project will make the youth responsible by putting a human face on the issue. Young people will tell stories connected to the effects of social changes that already have happened – or use their imagination to show with pictures how it is to speak out for big changes. Either way, to express reactions and share emotions is a necessary first step.

The project is a seed of a great tree of creativity in Zimbabwe as a nation through art. It is our vision not to produce ordinary filmmakers but world class competitors in the world of films. Alleviate film production illiteracy and create a platform were every filmmaker from any background can be given a chance to purse their celestial potential. It is our calling to be the ladder and stage to every filmmaker’s dream. Broadening our wings to all corners of the country so everyone with passion can be able to pursue their drive with distance and space not being a barrier.