Modelling Redefined, Meet Richard Mukonyora.

Once upon a rock, modelling was regarded as a female profession. Whereby it was a contest amongst feminine beauties only. However, nowadays modelling is more than just a beauty contest. Rather it is a fistful of complex aspects, that defines a model and everything that one stands for, or represent. Modelling describes one’s inner beauty, rather than the outer and both moral and cultural values.

Hence shaping the visions, as well as aims and objectives of the model. It all began with his vision to introduce a new era, with regards to the modelling profession. Instead of the spot light focusing on ladies only, the attention has switched to man as well. Meet Richard AKA Ritchie Mukonyora, a male model born February 6 1995, at Mabvuku maternity clinic in Mabvuku. The 22 year-old was born in a family of 7, three girls and four boys. He attended his primary education at Widcombe school. For his high school education, Ritchie went to Rusununguko and completed his form one(1) up to six(6). Currently the model is studying Development studies, at Midlands State University. His love for fashion and photo shooting, coincided with the inspirations both his family and friends always gave him.

Thus he decided to engage into male modelling, and joined Vivacity talent agency, where he got the exposure. According to the model, the profession is indeed a platform to showcase talent, rather than a platform to show off or expose one’s nakedness. Ritchie beholds a vision to be the best male model, globally. He believes in both passion and hard work, as the only key to progress in life.

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