Introduction to Vivacity Modeling Workshop – Our workshop are specially designed to ensure that whether you are an aspiring model, you are equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you succeed in this very demanding industry. This workshop may also help with boosting confidence and highself-esteem if one suffers from low self-efficacy.

Vivacity Modeling Workshops Overview – Designed for those interested in the modeling industry, these workshops provide individuals with the necessary skills and grooming to become a successful model in both the local and international market. A Vivacity workshop is the first step in a career path of a model, but please note you do not need to be model material to participate in one of our courses, gaining confidence and self esteem is a big factor on these workshop also!

This workshop covers the following – makeup application/demonstration – hair care – skincare/beauty – grooming tips/presentation – fashion styling – deportment/confidence/self esteem – catwalk show – health/fitness/nutrition – photographic posing – professional photo shoot/images -motivation/life skills.