Meet Delight Swedens

As her own name might suggest, she is indeed pleasing to the eye in so many ways and it is those stunning looks that made sure that she took home the Miss Zim Gold 2015 crown. Hers is however not your usual ‘pretty-face-but-no-brains’ story and she has gone out her way to counter this stereotype. Who are we talking about, you might wonder ……? None other than Harare-based model, Delight Swedens.

I am a woman of big dreams and ‘ambitious’ is one of the words that describe me. My goals are to someday be a very successful author, besides that, I would also like to persue a career in music because singing has always been something that I am passionate about and so a singer I will surely be.

“In the next ten years or so I will definitely be one of the world’s famous actresses, a businesswoman, movie director and it is also my dream to one day be a lawyer, a great role model and motivator to the young women across the world”, said the 19 year old. She herself was never short of inspiration or role models to look up to while she was growing up. “I was greatly influenced by a lot of women out there, top of that list being Naomi campbell and African’s own Lupita Nyongo who have proven wrong all those who thought that black was not beautiful. “I also look up to the likes of Pearl Thusi and Victoria Backham and I admire these ladies for their entreprenuership but most important of all, for what they have done for fashion and women all over the globe.

“They were and will always remain a great source of inspiration for us young women everywhere because they paved the way”, said Swedens. According to Delight, her modelling career got off the ground a few years back under the encouragement and tutelage of her late mother (who was also a model). “I believe I was at the age of 14 when I first discovered that I could model and really make a living out of doing so.

“My late mother, who herself was also a stunning model at one time provided me with a strong pillar of strength and inspiration. She would always ask me to model for her and this further encouraged my passion for modeling and it inspired me a lot in persuing this career path”, she said.

Thus far, in her short modelling career, Swedens has been part of 9 beauty pageants and made it to the podium in 8 of them including the big crowns, Miss Zimbabwe Gold 2015 and Miss Summer MashEast (2012). And as such, the young lady did not go unnoticed for long as she was quickly snatched up by the ‘iconic’ Model Management Zimbabwe, for which she has signed a ‘Top Model’ contract under.

Away from the catwalk, the 19 year old stunner still keeps herself occupied with various other projects but does not forget to have herself some fun while at it. “When I am not modelling, there is whole lot to keep me occupied actually, from studying, writing books to writing songs and working on my vocals.

“In-between all of that, I really do enjoy hanging out with my friends and I manage to make time for singing and dancing as well as enjoying them.

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