Make Sure Your Craft Pays” says producer Mr Vee

Vivacity Talents Agency news team caught up with fast rising producer Mr.Vee for a brief but enlightening chat. Below is how our conversation with the talented young man speaking from his base in South Africa went.

When exactly did you make your mind up that you were going to be a producer?

 Mr.Vee: I remember watchin a video on YouTube, It was Zaytoven’s video and the n*gga was doing a beat in less than 5minutes Live. Thats when I started to being crazy about being a producer. I’ve always lived and breathed music. I was once a rapper and in my team but we did not have a producer, we used to ask other people to make beats for us and produce our songs, so in my mind I was like lemme focus on production just to make things easier for my team”

Which are some of the standout acts that you have worked with thus far?

 Mr.Vee: I have worked with quite a lot of takented artists, from the likes of Mad-A CPT, Lurah, Young Kayz to Simple Beats, just to mention but a few.

Your fondest memory as a producer.…..?

 Mr.Vee: Haha I remember when I did a beat then the following day my n*ggas ‘pull thru’ in the studio and I played the beat and everybody in the building went crazy. Haha they repeated the beat like 100 times and I was smiling because I knew that there are people out there who actually feel my work.

Can you share with us some of your goals?

 Mr.Vee: I just wanna be the next South African MetroBoomin, my goal is to shine with working with one artist so that the people can say “Mr Vee made that n*gga and that n*gga made Mr Vee”, I just want a good combination like Future and MetroBoomin, Drake and 40, Witchi 1080 and Priddy Ugly, just to name a few.

What are you currently working on in the studio right now?

 Mr.Vee: I’m working on Mad-A’s single called I Aint Gotta Lie, which will drop very soon.

Do you have a bias towards one particular genre or you do it all?

 Mr.Vee: Ahhhmmm actually for now I’m more focused in Trap. I dont wanna confuse myself, I’m a Trap n*gga.

Can anyone be a producer or is it an in-born thing?

 Mr.Vee: Anyone can be a producer, it is all on you, if you really want something you will dedicate yourself to it till you get it.

Any words of advice for your peers?

Mr.Vee: Lets keep on bringing fresh sound and avoid copying other people’s sound, people wanna hear your very own creativity and lastly, let’s not let people take advantage of us just because we are behind the scenes lets all stand together with 5 words

“Can All Producers Please Get Paid”

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