Exploring Tracy Chikenge 2016-2017 Zimbabwe Models Awards Nominee

Failure is an ephemeral condition, but what makes it permanent is the idea of throwing in the towel, or giving up. Finally she is a nominee after a series of hard work and passion. Born Tracy, Chido Chikenge on January 22 1997 Mufakose, in a family of four with her siblings John, Stanley and Rodney.

The 20 year-old attended her primary school at Mutiunokura, where she was a very brilliant student. Tracy proceeded to Mufakose 2 High, where she did her form 1(one) up to upper 6(six). Currently studying her IT course, Tracy is looking forward to a degree in Software engineering next year. The journey began when Tracy aspired to be a model, at an early age. Thus it was indeed an undeniable passion, since her stature matched her desires. She then participated in numerous nonprofessional modelling contests, both at school and church. The model won her first accolade in 2008, at junior school when she obtained the third position. At church she also received a medallion, for being the most disciplined girl. Furthermore, on Thursday 30 November 2017 the model was nominated at the Zimbabwe Models Awards (ZIMA). Hence she paid tribute to Vivacity, for grooming her to be the best model she is today.

Above all for the greatest exposure. Tracy is still working tirelessly, until she takes the Miss World Zimbabwe crown. All-in-all Tracy wishes that, all young girls globally would abstain from life threatening activities, like prostitution. Rather engage into income generating projects, to improve their livelihoods. The darkest hour is nearer to dawn, if Tracy made it this far so can every young girl out there!

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