Can a Christian be a Model ?

Can a Christian be a model? This is a great question a lot of people ask because society, careers, technology, and so forth have certainly changed since Biblical times. According to our parents some of them they sees modeling as a sinful career associated to prostitution because of non-Christian models with bad morals who (Poses nude, in revealing clothing, acting very  seductively for pictures or video).

Being a model is just a career, there is nothing wrong or sinful about it. It can be a perfectly respectable career just like there is nothing wrong with acting, singing, etc.

Beauty is absolutely a God-given gift or talent. God gives us all a talent or inclination to do something better than others or to use it as a career, and beauty is no exception. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was a woman of great beauty. Even in old age some men were chasing her! (Genesis 20:2)

Christian Models can influence youths and impact them in positive ways but in today’s society   not many of them can stand up and be counted. There seems to be a big void in the Christian    community when it comes to modeling and because of this, most Christian’s youths finds themselves with no option but to copy non-Christian values, because we lack our own. The way our  Christian youths dress and talk is mostly influenced by ‘popular culture’ or non-Christian models

There is a big need to groom Christian models, who can be positive role models for the 21st century. At Vivacity it is more importantly, through the Miss Revelation pageant, we are trying to address this issue and make sure the Christian community has in its ranks individuals that can be counted upon as Christian models.

At the same time we are going to use this platform to expose hidden, Christian community talents as we are extending a warm invitation to talented youths from any church congregations,   Christian fellowship clubs and harvest reformation groups, to come and showcase their God     Given talents on this platform.


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