Do you dream of being a professional actor? – The entertainment industry is highly competitive: success depends on ability and excellence. Raw talent is nothing without an appropriate skill set. The Actors’ Workshop is not just another drama school. It is a unique center of excellence, offering expert part-time training for young performers who show exceptional ability for their age. Our inspirational workshops, led by industry professionals, build on your existing accomplishments, taking performance skills to a new level and preparing young actors for a career in the very tough and demanding world of performing arts.

Small classes and individual mentoring are the cornerstones of our work: we work closely with each student to unlock potential and exceed expectations. Workshops are based on key skills needed for theatre, TV and film work. As working actors ourselves, we are constantly enhancing our own skills, and therefore yours. Between us, we have a wide range of specialism, spanning everything from screen acting to musical theatre. We offer advanced and specialized vocal training, text work and audition practice. Our focus emphasizes the need to understand character & motivation: to ‘tell the story’ in an ever-changing media environment