Vivacity is a dynamic Arts Association adhere to strict moral and ethical codes based in Harare Zimbabwe, connecting new faces (aspiring models), professional models, actors, TV/Radio presenters, Filmmakers, photographers, stylists and designers with a worldwide network. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is not only desired, but also innovative and highly effective. After a lengthy process of research and development including consultation and worldwide networking with world class talents agencies, Vivacity has been created to make a fast, streamlined and efficient service that gets proven results and is an essential tool for the casting and modeling network in the world wide Community. Our dedicated team of professionals has combined years of experience in the casting and modeling industry, from catwalks, fashion designing, makeup artists, concepts developers, casting and crew, TV/Radio Presentation. We are passionate about providing a professional online platform, which benefits all new and professional participants in the casting and modeling industry.


We strive to be the number one acknowledged Arts Association in helping our members to succeed in using their talents.


Vivacity Arts Association is committed to Scout, Groom and Empower youth talents.


Our purpose is to create superior values for our members and employees developing and keeping a diverse work force that reflects the nature of our association.